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  1. ADA Grievance Form

    Maricopa County is committed to meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA"). This form may be used... More…

Animal Care & Control

  1. Animal Bite To Human

    Use this form to report an animal encounter (with or without a bite)

  2. Event Request

    Interested in partnering with MCACC for your next group volunteering or off-site event? We host groups for a variety of projects,... More…

  3. Pet Bit by Wildlife

    Use this form to report an attack on your pet by wildlife or other dogs and cats.

  4. Received a Notice in Error

    If you have received a notice from us in error, let us know.

  5. Stray Dog

    Use this form to report a stray dog.

  1. Dog Status Change

    Use this form to notify ACC of your pet's status (pet is deceased, no longer the owner, etc.)

  2. Leash Law Violation

    Use this form to report a violation of Maricopa County's leash law.

  3. Pet Owner Info Update

    Use this form to notify ACC of a change of Address, Phone Number or Email for the current owner.

  4. Recurring Donations

    Contact MCACC if you have questions regarding setting up a recurring donation to us.


  1. General Website Feedback or Contact a Department

    Submit general website feedback or contact a department/program.

Correctional Health Services

  1. CHS Eyeglass Payment Information Form

    To generate a transaction ID to be emailed to requestor

  1. Clinical Liaison Form

Emergency Management

  1. Damage Reporting

    Collects damage and needs data related to the recent storm damage in Gila Bend.


  1. Ask a Question

    Use this form to ask an Employment or Human Resources related question.

  1. Report a Concern

    Please use this form to report a concern about your interaction with us today.

Environmental Services

  1. 30 Day Transition Application for Food Establishments - Permanent/Fixed locations only (Web Form)

    30 Day Transition Application for Fixed/Permanent Food Establishments. (Does not include Mobile, Temporary, or Seasonal Establishments)... More…

  2. Administrative Change Request Form
  3. Campgrounds Permit Application (Web Form)
  4. Dog Friendly Patio Permit Application (Web Form)
  5. Extension of Premises - Food Establishment

    This form is for food establishments that would like to conduct food/beverage preparation/cooking for service as an extension of their... More…

  6. Fee Waiver Application

    Fee Waiver Application for the following: Food Employee Training for Culinary Arts Program Students; Food Employee Training for... More…

  7. Inspection Upon Request (Web Form)

    To request a plan reviewer to identify all possible construction related items that need to be addressed to qualify for a permit to... More…

  8. Micro Market Permit Application (Web Form)
  9. Mobile Food Permit Application - MF Type I, MF Type II, MF Type III, Annual Event Food Establishment only (Web Form)

    Application for MF Type I, MF Type II, MF Type III and Annual Event Food Establishments. (Does not apply to fixed food establishments,... More…

  10. Notice of Transfer of Ownership For Onsite Wastewater Treatment Facility (Septic System)
  11. Online Septic Search
  12. Onsite Wastewater Systems Program Permit Application Submittal Form
  13. Public Accommodations Permit Application (Web Form)
  14. Special Event Coordinator Event Registration Form/Application (Web Form)
  15. Stormwater Event Request
  16. Stormwater Program Request
  17. Subdivision Program Permit Application Submittal (Web Form)
  18. Swimming Pool Permit Application Submittal Forms (Web Form)
  19. Swimming Pool Program Variance Application
  20. Variance/HACCP Application (Web Form)
  2. Annual Permit Expiration Date and Permit Fee Extension Request
  3. Cutting Edge Program Application
  4. Environmental Services Complaint Form
  5. Farmers' Market Coordinator Form/Application (Web Form)
  6. Food Establishment Permit Application - Permanent/Fixed locations only (Web Form)

    Application for Fixed/Permanent Food Establishments.

  7. Installment Payment Plan Agreement
  8. Mobile Food Establishments & Food Caterers Operating at Special Events (If not operating within permit guidelines, you must apply for a Temporary Permit) (Web Form)
  10. Online Septic Research Request Form
  11. Onsite Wastewater Systems Program Inspection Request Form
  12. Plan Review/Construction Inspection Request Form

    To request plan review/construction inspections for Food Establishments, School Grounds, Public Accommodations, Swimming Pools/Spas,... More…

  13. School Grounds Permit Application - Applies only to public/charter schools (Web Form)
  14. Stormwater (SWMP) Public Survey
  15. Stormwater Pollution Awareness Survey
  16. Subdivision Program Permit Application Revision Submittal
  17. Swimming Pool Construction Inspection Request Form
  18. Swimming Pool Plan Review Program Permit Application Revision Submittal
  19. Temporary / Seasonal Permit Application (Web Form)
  20. Vending Machine Permit Application (Web Form)

Flood Control

  1. Adopt-a-Structure Program Question

    Form for requesting more information about the Adopt-a-Structure program.

  2. Special Flood Hazard Area Information Request

    Need more information about a property? Fill out this request form and a District representative will provide zone and map information... More…

  1. Adopt-a-Structure Volunteer Application

    Apply individually or as a group to participate in the program to pick up litter along Flood Control District (FCD) structures.

Improvement Districts

  1. Contact OSoS

    Send questions or concerns about improvement districts to the Office of Superintendent of Streets


  1. Bethany Home Road
  2. Northern Parkway Comments

    Public comment form for the Northern Parkway (99th Ave to Grand Ave) project segment.

  1. Jackrabbit CIS Comment Form
  2. Rio Verde Comment Form

    Questions and comments regarding the Small Area Transportation Study: Rio Verde


  1. Permitting Services

    Submission form for Permitting Combined Counter

  1. Permitting Services

    Submission form for Permitting Combined Counter. These go to all permitting categories, excluding commercial, residential and land use.

Public Advocate

  1. Application for Internship Program

    (Letter of Interest and Resume Must be Attached for Consideration) Application Deadlines Summer: March 1st Fall: June 1st... More…

  2. Restoration of Rights Pre-Registration

    Pre-register for the upcoming Restoration of Rights help session here. Registration is for the UPCOMING session only. Sessions are... More…

  1. Public Advocate Feedback & Contact Form

    We welcome and encourage your feedback. Please complete the information below and if you would like someone to get back with you,... More…

Public Fiduciary

  1. Guardianship Referral

    Please be aware this form must be completed in full. If the form is incomplete it will not allow you to submit the form for referral.... More…

Public Health

  1. Community Health Assessment Survey Request
  2. COVID-19 Mobile Providers Directory Form
  3. COVID-19 School Health & Vaccine Questions
  4. Media Inquiry Contact Form
  5. Preguntas y Commentarios Sobre la Vacuna Contra COVID-19
  6. Refer Clients to South Phoenix Healthy Start

    Complete this form to refer someone to South Phoenix Healthy Start.

  7. Request WIC at Your Event

    Submit a request to have a WIC presentation at your upcoming event.

  1. COVID-19 Community Impact Survey Questions
  2. COVID-19 Parent/Caregiver Questions & Comments
  3. Energy Insecurity Workgroup Interest Form
  4. Por favor llene esta forma para ponerse en contacto con salud pública.

    Por favor llene esta forma para ponerse en contacto con salud pública.

  5. Public Health Contact Us Form

    If you would like to call our administration office, please dial (602) 506-6900.

  6. Request HIPAA Training CD

    CAREWare is a HIPAA compliant system and all users will need HIPAA training on the treatment of protected health information. Please... More…

Real Estate

  1. Real Estate Contact

    Submit questions about property auctions and sales.

Regulatory - Planning & Development

  1. Appeal of Planning and Zoning Commission Recommendation

    If the Planning & Zoning Commission recommends approval of a particular case it will be placed on a consent agenda for the Board of... More…

  2. Comment on a Planning Case

    Comment on a Planning Case for public hearing/meeting

  3. Register as an Area of Interest Group for Planning Cases

    Register as an Area of Interest Group for Planning Cases in the Unincorporated Areas of Maricopa County.

  4. Reporte Una Violación al Código
  1. Comentario sobre un caso de planificación

    Comentario sobre un caso de planificación

  2. Comment on the New River Area Plan Update Draft

    Please leave a comment for the New River Area plan update draft

  3. Report a Code Violation

Waste Resources

  1. Contact Us,,

  2. Waste Tire Generator Registration Form
  1. Customer Feedback

    WRR transfer station customer feedback. Your feedback is welcomed and will be used to improve the overall services we provide.