What is a Public Defender?
A public defender is an attorney who represents people charged with criminal offenses or mental health clients who are held involuntarily and who cannot afford to hire a private attorney.

Like any other attorney, a public defender has graduated from an ABA accredited law school, has passed the Arizona bar exam, and has a license to practice law.

Public defenders are trained carefully through our office’s training program and are required to complete continuing legal education classes each year. In addition, they attend local and national conferences to keep themselves current in the law and to sharpen their trial skills.

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1. What does the Public Defender's Office do? Who established it?
2. What is a Public Defender?
3. How do I get a Public Defender?
4. How can I best assist my attorney once I have one?
5. What decisions do I make for my case?
6. How and when can I contact the Office of the Public Defender?
7. Why do I have to be careful about who I talk to, and what I discuss with them?