Northern Parkway

Northern Parkway Corridor Project Map showing entire area of work

Project Updates

Last Updated: July 12, 2021

Design information related to TT0600 Northern Parkway: Agua Fria River to 99th Avenue has been uploaded and is available for review. Information is under Northern Parkway Reports and Documents below.

Project Overview

The Northern Parkway Corridor projects are the result of a partnership with many local agencies and jurisdictions including the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), Maricopa County Association of Governments (MAG), Maricopa County Department of Transportation (MCDOT), City of El Mirage, City of Glendale, and City of Peoria.  The corridor projects extends 12.5 miles between Loop 303 and US 60 (Grand Avenue) in northwestern Maricopa County. MCDOT is leading final design and construction efforts.  The project development will be done in several different phases which can be seen throughout this page.

Connected Projects

Northern Parkway Corridor Projects

Cost & Funding

The majority of funding for the Northern Parkway (70%) will come from regional sources, primarily Federal Surface Transportation Program funds (STP), allocated via the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) to Northern Pkwy Funding Pie ChartMaricopa County. The remaining 30% will be from the partners.

Pursuant to the IGA, $315.8 million is budgeted for the Northern Parkway based on the MAG Regional Transportation Plan. This represents roughly half of the total projected cost of $612.6 million.

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Northern Parkway Reports & Documents

Five-year Life Cycle (Link)
Environmental Assessment (Link)

Design Concept Report
Table of Contents (Link - 21mb)
Chapter 1 (Link - 47mb)
Chapter 2 (Link - 3.7mb)
Chapter 3 (Link - 5mb)
Chapter 4 (Link - 73.5mb)
Chapter 5 (Link - 3.5mb)
Chapter 6 (Link - 82k)
Chapter 7 (Link - 101k)
Chapter 8 (Link - 89k)
Appendix A (Link - 37.4mb)
Appendix B (Link - 3.5mb)
Appendix C (Link - 528k)
Appendix D (Link - 486k)
Appendix E (Link - 2mb)
Appendix F (Link - 80k)
Appendix G (Link - 206k)

Alternative 1 - Selected Alternative (Link - 71.7mb)
Alternative 2 (Link - 3.6mb)
Alternative 3 (Link - 11.8mb)

TT0573 Northern Parkway: 99th Ave to Grand Avenue Scoping Assessment
SDR Report No Appendices (Link - 170mb)
SDR Appendices A - D (Link - 334mb)
SDR Appendices E - J (Link - 176mb)
SDR Appendices K - N (Link - 266mb)

TT0600 Northern Parkway: Agua Fria to 99th Avenue SDR
Sealed SDR No Appendices (Link - 16.8mb)
Candidate Alternatives Roll Plot (Link - 33.3mb)
Combined Candidate Stage Cost Estimate (Link - 112k)
Draft Scoping Plans (Link - 85.0mb)
Draft Scoping Stage Cost Estimate (Link - 88k)
Final Scoping Plans (Link - 88.3mb)
Final Scoping Cross Sections (Link - 10.2mb)
Final Scoping Stage Cost Estimate (Link - 100k)
Summary of Comments (Link - 788k)
EIM Final (Link - 1.78mb)
Meeting Materials (Link - 34.6mb)
Public Outreach Materials (Link - 21.8mb)
Northern Parkway Tech Memos (Link - 330mb)
Northern Parkway Design Criteria (Link - 80k)