Vaccines for Frontline Grocery and food store Workers

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Appointments available at this site from Monday, 3/29/21 to Wednesday, 4/14/21.
See table below for details and link to register for an appointment.

Essential, frontline, public-facing workers of grocery stores, small food markets, and carnicerias, are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine in Maricopa County. Maricopa County Public Health is partnering with Albertson’s/Safeway and Fry’s pharmacies in cooperation with the Arizona Food Marketing Association (AFMA) and United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW Local 99) to provide a variety of locations for members and non-members to get vaccinated. 

Please reach out to your employer for details on when your site’s staff will have an event scheduled.

How Grocery and Food Worker Vaccination Sites Will Work 

These vaccine events will roll out to regions over the next couple of months, not all at once, based on space availability, scheduling with pharmacies, and other logistics. MCDPH is partnering with UFCW Local 99 and AFMA to reach out to all eligible food workers in Maricopa County and coordinate events. Some will take place at in-store pharmacies, while others will be pop-up events specifically for vaccinating eligible grocery workers. 

Vaccine events will be planned for many days of the week, varying hours, and across the county. This is to make it easier for you to get vaccinated around your work schedule.

Vaccine Brands

These sites will be using the one-dose Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine. You will get maximum protection with just one dose, so you will not have to schedule a follow-up dose later. 

This vaccine can only be given to people age 18 and over.


You are eligible if you are a frontline worker AND work in a grocery store, small food market, or carniceria. 

Frontline workers are those who:

  • Must do their work on-site and cannot telework AND
  • Must work within 6 feet of coworkers, customers, or members of the public

Frontline workers are eligible if they are age 18 or older, and work in a:

  • Large store whose primary function is selling groceries and food 
  • Carniceria
  • Small market or corner store that primarily sells groceries and food items

These events are only for the eligible staff of these facilities, and not any other family members.

Restaurant workers and people whose employer mainly sells prepared food will be served through other vaccination events. 

Please be prepared to show a government-issued form of identification (i.e. passport, driver’s license, Matricula Consular) as well as proof of employment.

This can include:

  • An employee ID
  • A pay stub
  • A verification letter from your employer


If you are eligible based on the criteria above, contact your employer for details on events for your store’s location. If you work for or own an independent grocery store or small market which you think is eligible, please contact us to find out about events near your store. Some events are listed below. 

Please note:

  • These are open only to eligible food and grocery workers. 
  • You will be required to show proof of eligibility (see above) or you will be turned away from the appointment.
  • For additional grocery/food worker events, contact your supervisor or employer.
BannerStore #AddressCityGrocery Worker Registration Link
Fry'sMultipleMultiple available; please search locations by ZIP code in the linkMultipleCheck grocery/food worker appointment availability here
11275 East Via Linda
ScottsdaleThis event runs from Monday, 3/29/21 to Wednesday, 4/14/21
Check grocery/food worker appointment availability here

Frequently Asked Questions

You should speak with your employer and ask if there is an event planned already. Please check this website frequently as further events details may be made available on this page.

You should go to the grocery Point of Dispensing (POD) site in closest proximity to your primary workplace.

No. The vaccines available for these events are reserved for essential, public-facing grocery employees only.

No. These events will only have the one-dose Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine.

If you received a first dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, you will need to get a second dose of the same vaccine. We recommend you receive your second dose at the same vaccine provider, POD, or event where you received your first dose.

We recommend that you keep your scheduled appointment. Once your employer announces their event and opens registration, you might find you can be vaccinated at your employer’s event at an earlier date. At that time, you can decide which event to attend for vaccination.

Anyone who must work on-site and works within 6 feet of coworkers, customers, or members of the public are considered frontline workers.

Frontline workers from grocery stores, carnicerias, corner markets, ethnic food markets, and other retailers whose revenue comes mainly (greater than 50%) from food, produce, and grocery sales are eligible for these events.

These events will offer the one-dose Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccine.

You can learn more about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on the CDC website.

Some information about vaccine safety can be found at

Still have questions?

If you have gone through the FAQ and still have questions, please contact us.