Safe Sleep: Providers


As the medical professional, parents often turn to you with their biggest worries. You advise, reassure, encourage, and educate them. OB/GYNs can help soon-to-be moms plan for baby's arrival and get familiar with what to expect when baby is born. Pediatricians take the lead once the baby arrives, from that first newborn exam on. Nurses provide much of the hands-on guidance in the hospital with everything from latching to burping to sleep.

Parents need you to provide support they can apply at home, too. In Maricopa County, approximately 1 in 4 sleep-related infant deaths could have been prevented. Will you help save a life?

Resources to Share With Parents

doctor or nurse sharing info

Print Materials

These resources can be used in your office or hospital, or they can be sent home with parents/caregivers.


Online Support

How to Teach Safe Sleep Tips (English)  (Spanish)
These videos help parents talk with other caregivers about new tips for the new baby.

Baby Sleep Advice
Parents have questions. The Pediatric Sleep Council has answers. Get expert tips on everything you can think of. They even have age-specific advice so parents can see what’s expected at any age and what might be coming next.

2-1-1 Arizona
Need some help, but not sure where to find it? This resource can help you find help and services like car seat safety classes to affording diapers and food to finding child care, plus many other services not focused on your child.

Text4Baby (English)    (Spanish)
This text-based service is like having a friend who knows just what you’re going through, and has support and answers for your questions. 

Being around smoke is one risk factor for SIDS and other dangerous sleep issues. Parents can reduce the risk by quitting smoking to protect their baby. ASHLine is a free online and phone-based service that can help.


In-Person Help In Maricopa County

Nurse-Family Partnership
This free program offers home visits starting in pregnancy through the baby's second birthday. Nurses help parents with everything they need to give their baby a safe, secure environment. 

South Phoenix Healthy Start
For new parents in South Phoenix, this free program offers parents support before and during pregnancy, and after baby is born. They have classes, home visits, connections to other resources, and more.

High Risk Perinatal Program (HRPP)
For babies who spent at least 120 hours (5 days) in the NICU (newborn intensive care unit), HRPP provides help once the baby comes home. This helps parents continue to receive care as they transition from hospital care to home.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

For mothers meeting eligibility requirements, WIC provides support for buying food during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, and when the baby starts eating solids up until age 5. 

More Resources to Share