Employer of National Service

Employer of National Service Seal
As an Employer of National Service, Maricopa County recognizes the unique skills of national service alumni. Accordingly, AmeriCorps alumni, returned Peace Corps volunteers, and other national service participants are encouraged to apply to our job openings.
“One of our main functions as a government entity is to help Maricopa County residents with their job needs,” said Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chair Clint Hickman. “That also helps us when we search for new employees. Partnering with Employers of National Service – and hiring highly qualified, motivated, and passionate people – is essential to ensuring the citizens of Maricopa County get the best possible customer service experience.”

Employers of National Service was launched in 2014, following a ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps, to recognize the valuable skills gained by the 900,000 Americans who have participated in AmeriCorps since 1994 and the 215,000 who have participated in the Peace Corps since 1961.

National service develops essential skills that make AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni high-quality employees for any organizations or company. National service alumni are strong leaders who are motivated, flexible, innovative, and outcome-oriented. They learn quickly, work well on diverse teams, and know how to mobilize others to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our world. Employers of National Service builds a talent pipeline which connects AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni with leading employers from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to create recruitment, hiring, and advancement opportunities.

Through this initiative, Maricopa County has new access to a dedicated, highly qualified, and mission-oriented pool of potential employees and national service alumni have additional opportunities to apply their skills in the workplace. If you are a national service alumni and are interested in joining our team, please access our current employment opportunities by clicking on the View All Jobs option in the top menu.

Additional information is available on the webpage of Employers of National Service.